If I use a saved search to sync contacts, will the saved search re-run when you sync? For example, say I set up a saved search on May 1st that lists all captured male contacts who aren’t children. If I add 5 adult males to the system on May 2nd, and sync my saved search in CCBChimp on May 5th, will the additional 5 adults be added to the synced mailing list in MailChimp?

Absolutely! When we beta tested the app, saved searches was one of the features we added. It’s a great dynamic list for sure and in your case, our app will add all new participants. What it does not do, at this time, is remove any contacts on MailChimp that were removed from that saved search / group on CCB. This will be implemented soon but will require us to securely store your synced contacts in our application. It will be a decision we will allow you to make once that feature is added.


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