There are two drop-downs next to each list. Can you explain those? First dropdown has three options (1) Create New (Saved Searches) List (2) Create New List (INSERT LIST NAME) (3) Select Redemption Church List. Second Dropdown has two options (1) None (Sync to List Only) (2) Create New Group (INSERT LIST NAME)

We are planning on adding tooltips. Sorry about that. Ok, let’s start! In MailChimp you work with lists and “sub-lists” called interest categories / groups. It’s akin to campuses and groups on CCB in the broad sense.  In our application, you can sync CCB groups in a number of ways. This allows you to create or select an existing list and decide whether you would like to sync all the groups’ participants to that one list with our without grouping. It’s the same idea with saved searches. It’s really the beauty of our application where you don’t have to jump between MailChimp, CCB, and our application in order to get setup.

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