Are you ready for two–way syncing? If you are, the wait is over. Now, you can sync your MailChimp (MC) lists / groups back to CCB.

If you are ready to be an early adopter, login and give it a go. Just visit your profile –> integrations. You will see a new step, Step 3b.

You would be required to turn on 4 additional services for that CCB API user to make the integration work. That means for two–way syncing, you need to turn on ALL of the following services:

  • Execute_search, group_profiles, group_profile_from_id, search_list, create_individual, individual_search, remove_individual_from_group, add_individual_to_group

So, here are the current logic / options:

  1. Your current settings for CCB –> MC will continue to work as before if you don’t do anything.

  2. The settings for MC –> CCB are independent. You can specifically choose to opt-in for two–way syncing (enable the services listed above and complete Step 3b in profile –> integrations ) and you will need to set which MC lists / groups are being synced to which CCB campuses / groups.

  3. We will keep both lists updated with profiles that match a unique email address. e.g. You have 100 profiles within a CCB group but only 80 of those are unique (no errors, no duplicates, and has an email). So, on your MC lists / groups, we will receive 80 unique profiles and should any of those change on MC, we will update those on CCB. If a contact is removed from either CCB or MC, we will sync the list. If a contact is added on either CCB or MC, we will also sync the list to match.

  4. The biggest question is about when someone unsubscribes from a MC newsletter. Currently, if your subscriber unsubscribes from a MailChimp newsletter, MailChimp will tag that user as ‘unsubscribed’ and you will not be able to send that person another email. With 2-way sync, once enabled, we will take it a step further and REMOVE that person from the mapped CCB group as well.  New feature. Decide whether you want to remove MC unsubs from CCB groups or not. 

If this is a lot, you can check out this quick video here or join us for live office hours here. 

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