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V2: Toolkit—Inactive accounts cleanup
V2: Toolkit—Inactive accounts cleanup

Tidying things up by removing account which are not currently active.

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Why do we remove inactive CCB emails from MC once found, and how to avoid this issue? 

It means that this specific profile which was made inactive by someone in CCB contained an email that is being synced to MC. When we run the sync, we look for any emails that have been marked as inactive in CCB. Then, we remove those from MC. 

The typical reasons we have seen why profiles are made inactive in CCB are

  • The person no longer attends the church, and the church needs to make them inactive.

  • Their contact in CCB might be duplicated, and the CCB admin "deletes" that specific profile to clean up the data. 

In either case, making someone inactive is a deliberate manual process. It isn't linked to someone not logging into their CCB profile account. 

The options to avoid this are:

  • In an ideal world, each CCB profile will have unique data like emails and phone numbers. This isn't always the case, but that's the ideal.

  • If the reason for deleting (making inactive) a profile is to remove duplicates in CCB, it is recommended to do a duplicate search and merge option. It was reported that CCB recently improved this feature and should be easier to use.   

  • If making a profile inactive is unavoidable, consider removing the email or at least ensuring that this particular email is unique to that specific profile only. Given that MC can only sync on unique email, we are going to assume that person doesn't want any additional emails. 

Solution to fix the current issue?

  • When you are in your CCBChimp Logs, locate that specific profile's CCB ID. It should be clickable. Click on it, and it should take you to the CCB profile in CCB. You can then either make the profile active again or if that's not something you want to do, remove the email from that profile. It's likely that this particular email is being used by at least one other profile that might be active. The best case might be to make that profile active again, then do a duplicate find and merge. Consult CCB on how to do this. 

  • Another option that we don't recommend is to turn off the inactive accounts cleanup option we have. It should allow all inactives to still be available in MC, but you would have to know that if someone left your church and you made them inactive, they might still receive emails from you via MC. See the option below with more information about this. 

To get to the Toolkit

From your dashboard, click on Settings (gear icon, gold arrow in image below). Choose Tools from the dropdown menu (pink box in image to the left).

The Tools page will open. The Inactive Accounts Cleanup tool is highlighted in the images below: pink box.


To use this tool, toggle on the button. It will turn pink/red.

To cleanup your account, click on the yellow Clean Now button.

Once active, our script will prevent new, inactive accounts from CCB from being stored on Mailchimp. We also added an option to do a manual cleanup. This will look at your emails in Mailchimp and remove any emails that have been flagged as ‘inactive account’ on CCB. If you turn this off, we will skip this process.

If you make accounts inactive on CCB, we will not add those new emails to your MC list. However, if they had already existed in your MC list, you will need to do a one-click, manual cleanup.


Clean data that prevents you from sending messages to contacts or members who are inactive for one reason or another.

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