As the only CCB-MailChimp integration that syncs both ways, we want to ensure that the data synced meets your expectations. So, we have added a new option to handle the way we process MC unsubs.

Previously, if your subscriber unsubscribes from a MailChimp newsletter, MailChimp will tag that user as ‘unsubscribed’ and you will not be able to send that person another email. And once 2-way sync is enabled, we take it a step further and REMOVE that person from the mapped CCB group as well.

When we began developing things originally, we saw that there was no API that let users update their communication settings from within CCB. So, thinking about newsletters, it made sense that our integration should remove unsubscribers.

We get it and here’s what we’ve done…

For users that have a 2-way sync between CCB and MailChimp (MC), you can now STOP the system from removing people from within your CCB groups when they unsubscribe from your MailChimp account.

1. This new option can be found in two places: When setting up your integration, select this option in Step 3b—the MC back to CCB sync.

2.  To change things after you have set up your integration—Click on Profile Name. Select the “Tools” option from the dropdown list. Pay attention to the following two choices:
Don’t Remove Unsub MailChimp Email from CCB Group—Once enabled, our platform will not remove unsubscribed MC email addresses from corresponding CCB groups.
Email Notification for Unsub MC Emails—Once enabled, our platform will send email notifications after every sync for a summary of unsubscribed MC emails. Choosing this option will generate lists of unsubscribers with details such as email, date unsubscribed, and from which group they did so.

Please keep in mind that you can enable and disable these options as your needs evolve. Currently, however, this is account wide and will affect all your synced groups.

We’re really pleased that your feedback enabled us to put this additional feature in place!

Please keep us in the loop about what you need, so we can do our best to serve you and God’s plan better.


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