There are two options at the moment.

Option 1: Export the audience (formerly known as list) from Mailchimp. Then, import it through CCB for 1st time set up.

Option 2: Convert your audience to a Mailchimp group segment which will then be synced via CCBchimp back to CCB. To do this, go to your Mailchimp dashboard and open the audience you wish to segment. Click on the arrow to the left of Email Address and choose Deselect All. No contacts will be selected. Then, click on the Create a Segment tab. The Create a Segment screen will open.

Choose Signup Source from the leftmost dropdown menu. Then choose API generic audience import from the 3rd dropdown menu. A screen will open with the segment you’ve created.

Click on Save Segment, name your segment and click on Save.

Return to your Mailchimp PastorsLine dashboard and click on View Saved Segments. From the dropdown menu, choose the segment you wish to sync back to CCB. A screen will open, populated with only the contacts in that segment.

Click on the arrow to the left of Email Address and choose Select Visible. A check mark will be put in the box to the left of each contact.

Click on Actions in the toolbar above. From the dropdown menu, click on Add to group. Choose the relevant CCB group from the dropdown menu which opens. To finish, click on PastorsLine from the final dropdown menu which opens.

Now, your segment is in a group that PastorsLine syncs with.

Go to CCBchimp and manually rerun the sync. To do this, click Sync Now on your CCBchimp dashboard. Your CCB group should be updated.

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