In this article, we will give you an overview of authorizing your accounts to work with CCBChimp and then doing the initial sync of those accounts.

Like any recipe, before we actually begin, let’s organize our ‘ingredients’.

CCBChimp: You will need an active (free or paid) CCBChimp account. If you have one already, excellent. If not, sign up on our website.  

CCB: You will need a valid CCB account and the ability to set up an API user and enable the required services. You will need your CCB API username and password. This is NOT your CCB login credentials. If you need to organize any of these things, please visit   If these articles / notes are not enough, you can also click on the chat icon for help.

MailChimp: You will also need a valid MailChimp account and the ability to set up an API user. You will need your API key. We recommend creating an API key that is used specifically for this integration. In MailChimp, you can create multiple API keys. Create one and name it something like CCBChimp. In that way, any future changes you make will not affect your other integrations. If you have your API key now or know how to get it, super. If not, vist  for help in generating your API key.  

Once you finish entering and authorizing both your CCB API user and your MailChimp API Key, click on NEXT at the very bottom of this page. If it’s disabled, then you need to revisit your CCB or MailChimp integration again. 

Once everything is authorized and you have clicked on Next, CCBChimp syncs your accounts. This can often take a while, especially if it is your first sync. You may need to wait as long as 1-2 hours and as short as 15 minutes. Sometimes, the first sync fails. This can happen with large accounts. It can also happen with data-heavy accounts. 

If the wait time is longer than 2-3 hours or your sync failed, please reach out to us. We’ll work with you to get your accounts synced successfully. If you need help, please click on the chat icon to contact us. We are always happy to support you.

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