In this article, we are going to guide you through Step 2 of the integration process. Before we speak directly about syncing, let’s take a moment to get to know Mailchimp.

Getting to know Mailchimp

Mailchimp is made up of audiences (formerly known as lists), tags (think of them as notes which "pin" information on people), and groups.  Each audience is unique. That means each occurrence of a contact counts as 1 subscriber. For example, Peter White is in the Prayer Group audience. He is also in the Ushers audience. Mailchimp counts Peter as 2 subscribers.

In a general and simplistic way, we can compare a CCB campus to a Mailchimp audience. So, CCB is made up of campuses, groups, and saved searches. Mailchimp is made up of audiences, tags and groups.

NOTE: Using tags in CCBChimp depends on your plan. If you have the Pro plan or higher, you will be able to sync as either Groups or Tags at the campus level. If you are not on at least the Pro plan, syncing with tags at the campus level will not be available. To sync with tags, you will need to use the Group level.

For more information about using tags, open this link in a new tab.

Setting up syncing

To let you make the most of your syncing options, we have made manual choice mandatory.

So, just click Next, and let’s move on to Step 3.

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