In this article, we are going to walk you through how to choose a sync option for each CCB campus, group and saved search manually.

The setup screen shows you the top level of all your campuses and saved searches. At the moment, each item is turned off (a red dot). Here is the overall process for EACH item: First, turn on the campus or saved search (a green dot). Second, select your MailChimp preference - either all groups into one list or select the groups you wish to sync.

Most people, however, are selecting the groups they want to sync. This option is usually cost-saving. Also, many churches are continuing to use the CCB mail merge feature for internal groups but are switching to MailChimp for nicer email templates for messages that go out to a wider, external audience. This choice is up to you.

If you selected ‘all groups into one list’ for each campus and saved search, your work is done. Click Next at the bottom of the screen and move on to Step 3b.

If you chose the ‘select groups’ option for a campus, you have a few more things to do. 

You will notice that the setup screen now shows you all the groups under that campus. Each group is turned off (a red dot). You will need to turn on (a green dot) the groups you wish to sync. For each turned on group, you will need to tell MailChimp how to handle the list. The MailChimp drop down menu will show you any existing lists and give you the option to create a new list. You can use the existing lists. You can create totally new lists. You can mix and match. For example, you can group together several groups under one campus and leave separate a few other groups under that same campus.

Having said that, pay attention to the “All Members of” group. This is an CCBChimp autogenerated, systems group. Choosing this group will allow you to sync from this group but it is not allowed to sync back to a systems group. So, this would be one-way syncing.   

Saved searches work the same way. However, they are informational like the systems groups. So, the sync is one-way.

Once you have made all your choices and decisions, click Next.

Let’s move on to Step 3b.

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