In this article, we are going to walk you through the steps to push data back from MailChimp to CCB.

Now that you have setup syncing from CCB to MailChimp, you can optionally sync your MailChimp contacts back to CCB.

We will keep both accounts updated. If someone is removed/added on CCB, we will remove / add that contact on MailChimp and vice versa. If someone unsubscribes from MailChimp, we will give you the option to remove that person from the specific group on CCB that you have assigned below or not. No action is taken at this time if someone opts out from an email sent via CCB Mail Merge.

If you don’t require two-way syncing

Click on Skip this step at the bottom of the screen (either of the brown boxes below) and move on to Step 4.

Otherwise, let’s talk about two-way syncing.

This setup screen above has been pre-populated or filled in with your choices from Step 3a.

Gold box above

For each item, select the CCB group you want to sync back to. If you do not wish two-way syncing for an item, remove it from the list by clicking on the red X.

Blue box above

You will notice that the “Don't Remove Unsub MailChimp Email from CCB Group” button is toggled on. This is the default.

Why do we need this button?

Sometimes, contacts opt out or unsubscribe from a MailChimp list. The CCBChimp default is to leave this contact in all his or her CCB groups. However, you can choose to manually TURN OFF the default. This would mean that if a contact opts out of a MailChimp list, he or she is removed from the matching CCB group(s).

In other words...

At the core, we can NOT unsubscribe them in CCB but what we do is REMOVE them from the matching CCB group. They are not removed from your CCB account, but only the matching CCB group.

More specifically, if you have this button toggled OFF, then CCBChimp should:

  1. find any emails that have been unsubscribed in Mailchimp

  2. remove the matching profile from the matched CCB group you set in Step 3b.

One example of where this removal option is useful is newsletters. If you are using both CCB and MailChimp to send out the same newsletter, you wouldn’t want to send the same contact the same content twice.

From our experience, most people should leave the default. That is, do not remove unsubscribed contacts. The reason is that most churches are using MailChimp and CCB for different purposes.

Brown box above

You will notice that the “Email Notification for Unsub MC Emails” button is toggled on. This is the default.

Why do we need this button?

CCBChimp cannot go into your CCB and remove unsubscribed MailChimp contacts. So, we summarize this information in an email to you, giving you the option to do this manually in CCB. 

Once you have made all your choices and decisions, click Next.

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