In this article, we are going to guide you through Step 4 of the integration process: Mapping the Headers. 

Headers are custom fields that we integrate with. We can add fields to your MC subscriber profile which give you powerful information to do two things. 

By turning this option on, you would be able to add additional merge fields to MailChimp—e.g. birthday, anniversary etc.  When you use this option, you implicitly agree to allow us to securely store your contacts (required for this feature). Birthday mapping and others.

By default, all plans  will automatically sync the first and last name and the CCB ID. So your emails can begin with the person’s name, e.g. “Hi Dave”. 

Users of the medium plan and up can  work with these fields for a second use: to segment lists. Just briefly for now, you could segment your lists by gender, birth date or marital status for example. Then, you can search for all males or all people whose birthdays have not been captured, etc.

Enable all the custom fields you want to sync by clicking on the red button to turn it green.

When you have enabled all the fields you wish, click ‘Save’.

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