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V2: My Profile—Settings
V2: My Profile—Settings

Updating name, address, email, phone, treasurer's email, password

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From your dashboard, click on Settings (gear icon, gold arrow in image on the left). Choose My Profile from the dropdown menu (pink box in image below).

The My Profile / Settings page will open.


Note that you set a treasurer’s email on this page. This is the person who is going to receive all of your billing information. The treasurer will only receive the invoices but the main email will receive everything else related to the account. If not set, the main email will receive the invoices as well. More info in your section below.

We show one example below. However, this is the same process for all items on the My Profile page: first name, last name, street address, city, state, postal code, phone number, email, password, treasurer's info/email.

1. Hover over the item you wish to edit. A blue Edit or Change will appear.

2. Click on the Edit.

3. Update the information.

4. Click Save to keep your changes or X to cancel your action.

Repeat as needed for other items on this page.

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