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V2: How to Resolve pending duplicates through Smart Syncing
V2: How to Resolve pending duplicates through Smart Syncing
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Why we needed Smart Syncing

During the syncing from Mailchimp back to CCB (optional), we recognized the following challenges:

  1. There was an issue with duplicates.

  2. Most external apps required a minimum of first and last name + a phone number. To solve that, we created a dummy name consisting of first name “There” and last name “Friend”. While this worked most of the time, it was not ideal. Assuming that the person continued with the campaign/data capture, their information was updated—all good. If they did not, this contact remained as “There Friend”.

We developed smart syncing to minimize these two challenges as much as possible.

What happens during Smart Syncing from Mailchimp back to CCB?

If any of the following items are true of the contacts coming from Mailchimp, we would hold those records for moderation:

a. If the CCB ID# that we store in the MC custom fields is blank or a mismatch.

b. If the email, first and last name from the incoming record to CCB is mismatched.

c. If the first or last name or both are blank.

We would skip syncing those specific contacts, then send you an alert via email and show a notification in the app.

What are the steps to resolve the duplicates?


On your CCBChimp Dashboard, you will see a notice explaining that you have 'X' potential duplicates (brown arrow in image below). In our example, CCBChimp says we have 57 potential conflicts. You may also get an email about this.

Click on View and fix them now in your dashboard (brown box in image below) or via email.


The Resolve potential Conflict(s) - Mailchimp to CCB screen should open automatically. You will see a list of items which need resolution. In the image above, there is one item on the list. Note that it is colored grey, and the NEXT button is light blue (unclickable).


3a. Click on the item you wish to resolve. It will turn blue (see image above). The NEXT button is now darker blue (activated).

3b. Click on the NEXT button.


The Resolve potential Conflict(s) screen will open.


Perhaps you do not want to resolve a conflict or any conflicts. IGNORE lets you do that. Each conflict line has a red Ignore. Also, there is a white IGNORE ALL button in the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen.

Individual Ignore

When you click on an individual Ignore, a confirmation box will pop up.

Confirm by clicking the gold IGNORE button.

Ignore All

When you click on Ignore All, a confirmation box will pop up.

Click on the check box to agree. Then click on the gold IGNORE button.


Here is where we see that. Although there was only ONE item in the previous step, it opened up to 57 items to resolve.

Hover over the right-hand side of the screen. A scroll bar will appear (brown box in image below). Scroll down (and up) to see all the conflicts.


4.3.1 Click on the item you wish to resolve. It will turn blue (see image above). The NEXT button is now darker blue (activated).

4.3.2 Click on the NEXT button.


Your current contact (the potential conflict) is shown first (brown text in image above).

Following are the possible merge options (turquoise text in image above) . If none of the options are good, you can create a new contact in CCB (gold text in image above).

Let's take a closer look...

Above is the current contact. Below are the two options:

The first option has a different CCB ID and slightly different email (GV is capitalized + 'b' is at the end).

The second option has a different CCB ID.

Let's choose the first option.

It will turn blue. Then click the blue NEXT button.


In the image below...

  • The left-hand most column is your current contact.

  • The middle column are the info options you chose in Step 5.

  • The right-hand most column is a preview of what your merged contact will look like.

Look at the fuchsia (hot pink) lines and question marks in the image above.

For EACH of the info items (first name, last name, and email), choose which of the two options you want to keep by clicking the radio buttons (blue circles) of the current or new data for each info item.

In our example, both the first and last names are the same in both current and new. So, we only have to decide on the email.

Check your choices in the Preview.


Once you are ready, click on the gold MERGE button.


If you did, a popup message on your Dashboard will confirm your success.

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