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V2: Syncing—Setting up Groups and Tags
V2: Syncing—Setting up Groups and Tags

How to choose groups and/or tags when syncing your data.

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If you have not yet set up the sync, this is the article for you:


Part I: How your contacts are organized in CCBChimp

As you can see in the image below, your contacts are saved in levels.

The campus is the top level. In the example below, it is RH Costa Mesa.

Next is a sub-level (brown box below). These are your CCB groups within the particular campus. The blue box below is connected to syncing your contacts into Mailchimp. More about that soon.

Part II: Syncing your CCB contacts with Mailchimp

Syncing at the Campus level (#1 in the image above)

The options you have depend on your plan. If you have the Pro plan or higher, you will be able to sync as either Groups or Tags at the campus level. If you are not on at least the Pro plan, syncing with tags at the campus level will not be available. To sync with tags, you will need to use the Group level.

Syncing at the Group level

Audience (#2 in the blue box above)

Choose the matching Mailchimp audience (list) from the dropdown list (#2 in the blue box above). Then choose either Group or Tag.

Group (#3 in the blue box above)

Clicking on Group(s) will sync your CCB group into the Mailchimp group chosen (green arrow below). In other words, in Mailchimp, this CCB group will be named the group name you chose.

If you have the Medium plan or above, you have the option to click on Tag(s) [green arrow below]. There will always be two tags: the campus you chose + the CCB group you selected. In other words, in Mailchimp, each of the contacts in your CCB group will be tagged (labeled) with these two text descriptions.

Saved searches

Syncing saved searches to Mailchimp works in the same way as discussed earlier.

Part III: Syncing your Mailchimp audiences back to CCB

Step 1

Choose the Mailchimp list (audience) and then the associated group or tags.

Step 2

Choose the Campus and Group which these Mailchimp contacts should be synced with.

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