If you have seen this message in the logs "Can not add Mailchimp Interest Category Group in Audience (List), over the 60 group limit" here's the reason why and how to fix this.

How many groups can each audience have?

In Mailchimp, each audience can have up to 60 group names. Group categories don't count toward the 60-group limit.

You received that message in your logs because your audience (lists) and total number of groups is at the stated limit.

To proceed, you can:

Option 1: Delete one of more groups within that audience to make room for our CCBChimp application to create and sync a new group or saved searches to that list. https://mailchimp.com/help/delete-a-group/#Delete_group_name

Option 2: Select a different audience to sync that new group or saved search instead.

Option 3: In our experience, often your best option is to consider using tags.

Like the tag on a clothing item, Mailchimp tags give information about the audience. Currently, an audience can have a virtually unlimited number of tags. So, you are not likely to reach a limit.

Like assigning a group, assigning a tag is a simple matter of choosing from your dropdown list of options.

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