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V2: Forgot your password?
V2: Forgot your password?

You change your password on the My Profile/Settings page...if you remembered it so you could log in. If not, here's how to reset.

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We all forget our passwords sometimes. Here's how to reset it from outside CCBChimp so you can get back in.

Step 1: Click on Forgot your password?

Step 2: Type your email on the entry line and click the gold Send button.

A reset email will be send to your email address:

Make sure to check ALL your email folders, including Spam.
โ€‹Step 3: Click the blue Reset Password link.

You will be redirected to the Reset Password screen.

Step 4: Type in your new password - the first time to enter and the second time to confirm.

Step 5: Click on the gold Reset password button.

Your password will reset.

You can now log back in to CCBChimp.

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