When something has gone wrong with your sync pairs, you will see the following banner at the top of your dashboard (image below). In our example, there are 9 pairs which need to be fixed.

Step 1: Click on View and Resolve Broken Sync Pairs to continue. The sync page will open.

Note the exclamation points inside the red circles (gold boxes in image above). This tells you that there are broken sync pairs from CCB to Mailchimp AS WELL AS from Mailchimp to CCB.

Step 2: Here is what you will see in each tab.

CCB to Mailchimp

Mailchimp to CCB

If you hover over a broken sync pair, a message will pop up with more information. Here is an example:

In any case, click on the blue Fix Now button to continue.

Step 3: The relevant screen will open. Here is an example from the CCB to Mailchimp side (image below).

Note the gold box in the image above. Here is a closeup:

It tells you how many broken sync pairs there are and how many have been resolved.

We only see two pairs in our example (image above). Scroll down to see the remainder (turquoise arrow in image above).

Step 4: Take the action needed.

NOTE: You have the option to unsync the broken pair. To do this:

  • Click on the trash can icon on the right-hand end of the sync pair line.

  • The following box will pop up:

  • Click on the gold Confirm button to complete your action.

Step 5: When you are finished, click on the gold Save And Proceed button.

[It is basically the same on the Mailchimp to CCB side. When you are ready, click the gold Save button.]


Question: Do I have to resolve the broken sync pairs before syncing?
Answer: No, you do not.

If you click on the gold Sync button (image above), the following box will pop up:

The message informs you that if you proceed to sync without resolving the broken pairs, they will be excluded from the syncing process. You can choose to resolve them or proceed to sync.

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