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V2: Toolkit—Don’t Remove Unsub Mailchimp Email from CCB Group
V2: Toolkit—Don’t Remove Unsub Mailchimp Email from CCB Group

Keeping Mailchimp unsubscribers in your CCB Group

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In this article, we are going to talk about part of the toolkit. The toolkit contains several series of code which we have written during our development. We wanted to make sure you have certain abilities.

The default is that if your subscriber unsubscribes from a Mailchimp newsletter, Mailchimp will tag that user as ‘unsubscribed’ and you will not be able to send that person another email. Once the 2-way sync is enabled, we take it a step further and REMOVE that person from the mapped CCB group as well.

For users that have a 2-way sync between CCB and Mailchimp, you can now STOP the system removing people from within your CCB groups when they unsubscribe from your Mailchimp account. If this option is enabled, we will not remove any of the unsubscribed email addresses in your Mailchimp lists or groups from the matched or mapped CCB groups.


From your CCBChimp Dashboard, click on Tools.

The Tools page will open. The Don't Remove Unsub Mailchimp Email from CCB Group tool is highlighted in the images below: brown box.

Don’t Remove Unsub Mailchimp Email from CCB Group

To use this tool, toggle on the button. It will turn pink/red.

For the same sync pair, having this button toggled off is basically the opposite of having the Update the Mailchimp Email Unsubscribed Status from CCB/Pushpay (one-way) button toggled on.

We hope this has been helpful. We encourage you to visit our Helpdesk FAQs to learn more about anything at any time. Please remember that we are always available for any additional support you may need.

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