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V2: Toolkit—Select Primary Contacts
V2: Toolkit—Select Primary Contacts

Override which profile in Mailchimp is the primary contact despite how they are designated in your CCB app.

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In this article, we are going to talk about part of the toolkit. The toolkit contains several series of code which we have written during our development. We wanted to make sure you have certain abilities.

Select Primary Contacts gives CCBChimp the ability to securely manage your contacts. So, now, you will be able to override which profile in Mailchimp is the primary contact despite how they are designated in your CCB app. This happens a lot with families. You may have four emails—the mom, the dad, and two kids. The question is, which of the profiles do you want to send the email to? Mailchimp only allows you to choose one.

This list shows all the duplicates (by email). We can go through and choose which one in each group of duplicates is the primary contact. Once a sync is done, Mailchimp will be updated with this information, including all the personal fields and information. So sending a campaign the next time around will still go to the same email address but instead of saying, “Dear John”, it could now say, “Dear Jane”.

*****************************READER-FRIENDLY VERSION**************************

Your API user needs to have access to both of the following two services:

  • merged_individuals

  • individual_profiles


To get to the Toolkit

From your dashboard, click on Settings (gear icon, gold arrow in image below). Choose Tools from the dropdown menu (pink box in image to the left).

The Tools page will open. The Select Primary Contacts tool is highlighted in the images below: pink box.

Selecting Primary Contacts

To use this tool, toggle on the button. It will turn pink/red.

To set your primary profiles, click on the yellow Set Primary profiles button.

We hope this has been helpful. We encourage you to visit our Helpdesk FAQs to learn more about anything at any time. Please remember that we are always available for any additional support you may need.

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