In this article, we are going to talk about part of the toolkit. The toolkit contains several series of code which we have written during our development. We wanted to make sure you have certain abilities.

To get to the Toolkit

Delete Corresponding MC Audience / Group when CCB Group / Saved Search is Deleted

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V2 Users

V1 Users

From your dashboard, click on Settings (gear icon, gold arrow in image below). Choose Tools from the dropdown menu (pink box in image below).

Click the downward arrow near your profile name (brown arrow in image below). Then click on Tools (blue box in image below).

The Tools page will open. The Delete Corresponding MC Audience / Group when CCB Group / Saved Search is Deleted tool is highlighted in the images below: V2 - pink box / V1 - brown box.

V2 Users Tool page

V1 Users Tool page

Delete Corresponding MC Audience / Group when CCB Group / Saved Search is Deleted

V2 Users

V1 Users

To use this tool, toggle on the button. In V2 it will turn pink/red. In V1 it will turn green.

Then click on the Confirm Delete button (yellow in V2, blue in V1). The screen will refresh to a details page. You will be asked to confirm any items on that page.

V2 Users

V1 Users


Let's say you have removed (deleted) a CCB group or saved search. However, that group or saved search still exists in Mailchimp (MC). When CCBChimp syncs, it sees that this group or saved search can no longer be synced.

Previously: CCBChimp only added a suffix to the group or saved search name in MC as "- not syncing". E.g. "Newsletter - NOT SYNCING". Since that CCB-MC pair is no longer set up to sync, the MC audience/tags/groups would no longer be updated but would remain in your MC account.

Additional option: We added this Toolkit option to actually notify you and make it easier for you to delete the corresponding (matching) MC group, tag, or saved search which you have already deleted in CCB. In other words, when this switch is toggled on (button is green as in above image), CCBChimp will notify you to confirm if you want to delete each MC group, tag, or saved search which it does not find in CCB. Note, we would never delete any of your CCB data without your confirmation.

Why did we add this Toolkit option?

Keeping as much consistency as possible between your CCB content and your MC content means that syncing will run more efficiently and more quickly.

Let's break down the deletion process further if this new option is toggled on...

Step 1: You delete CCB groups or saved searches. [We will assume you have deleted several.]

Step 2: CCBChimp sees that these groups/tag/saved searches exist in MC but not in CCB.

Step 3: CCBChimp would append (add) a suffix to the end of the names of these groups/saves searches/tags as "- NOT SYNCING"

Step 4: To make sure that these groups/saves searches should be deleted, CCBChimp sends you an email asking for confirmation.

Step 5:

Option 1...You do not click the Confirm button on the email. The process stops here; nothing gets deleted.

Option 2...You click the Confirm button on the email.

2a. You are redirected to a CCBChimp screen. On the screen, you need to manually click on Dismiss (do nothing, do not delete) or Remove (delete) for each group or saved search CCBChimp is asking about.

2b. At the end of your selection, a message will pop up again asking for confirmation that you really truly want to delete the groups/saved searches you have chosen. If you confirm, then the deletion will be done.

As you can see, this is process is quite safe. CCBChimp is asking you twice before deleting AND you are physically involved in this process. As a result, unwanted deletions from MC should rarely happen.

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