In this article, we are going to talk about part of the toolkit. The toolkit contains several series of code which we have written during our development. We wanted to make sure you have certain abilities.

To get to the Toolkit

Include the Following Membership Status Types when Syncing


V2 Users

V1 Users

From your dashboard, click on Settings (gear icon, gold arrow in image below). Choose Tools from the dropdown menu (pink box in image below).

Click the downward arrow near your profile name (brown arrow in image below). Then click on Tools (blue box in image below).

The Tools page will open. The Include the following membership status types when syncing tool is highlighted in the images below: V2 - pink box / V1 - brown box.

V2 Users Tool page

V1 Users Tool page


V2 Users

V1 Users

This toolkit items explores the relationships people have to the group they are in. The default sync is Group Leader/Assistant Leader + Group Member. That is also the most popular combination. Note that Requesting to join the Group and Invited to the Group are not official group members because they are still in process.

Toggle on the status types you wish to include when syncing. Then click on the Save button - yellow in V2, blue in V1.

We hope this has been helpful. We encourage you to visit our Helpdesk FAQs to learn more about anything at any time. Please remember that we are always available for any additional support you may need.

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